Thursday, February 4, 2021

I Am Grateful

 Gratitude is like a food group. It is essential for being alive. -- Henry Winkler

I just wanted to ‘meet’ Fonzie from Happy Days. I already knew that I LOVED Henry Winkler…. I’ve liked him for SEVERAL years now. But WHY did it take me at least over one DECADE to FINALLY ‘meet’ Fonzie?! I do not think that I’ll EVER know the ANSWER to that question. I already KNEW who Fonzie was, because…. Well…. The Fonz is a LEGENDARY character. Agreed? I just had not ‘met’ Fonzie. So, it was one of my 2021 New Year’s Resolutions, {I am not kidding}, to ‘meet’ Fonzie. What do I think about him? Whoa. Fonzie CHARMED me from episode one WITHOUT EVEN SAYING A SINGLE WORD. I have FALLEN in LOVE with him, with his HEART of GOLD, with his VALUES, with his MORALS. Now, THAT was to be expected. Why? Because I AM, after all, CURSED to be FEMALE. Amen, women? What I absolutely did NOT expect was, as I eventually ‘got to know’ Henry Winkler through interviews, articles, and YouTube videos, {from very recent years}, Henry Winkler would somehow CHALLENGE me to seek, find, and choose GRATITUDE. Aaaaayyyyy…. All I wanted to do was ‘meet’ Fonzie!! Is THAT too much to ASK?! Huh?! Well, IS it?! So now, one of my 2021 New Year’s Resolutions, apparently, is to seek, find, and choose GRATITUDE…. Yes, during an ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic, appropriately enough. Thank-you, Henry Winkler…. Well, I must admit, THAT New Year’s Resolution is MUCH more PROFOUND than finally ‘meeting’ Fonzie…. Peace and Love, Mary Lou

P.S. One of the many blessings that I am grateful for is Rose. Ah, my Beagle/German Shepherd mix, my second dog, my Baby Girl. Since Rose is dead and now resides at The Rainbow Bridge, I am ETERNALLY grateful for her….

Edited by Kara Kent!!

I am grateful for years of memories;

‘Cause I became your Mama when you chose me;

I am grateful for the happy memories;

As you sat on my bed, keeping me company;

I am grateful, Rose, for several memories;

That I captured by taking pictures and selfies;

I am grateful, Babe, for our memories;

And baking literally countless dog cookies;

I am grateful for years of memories;

‘Cause I became your Mama when you chose me.