Thursday, October 3, 2013

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Blogging Friends.... This story has been lingering about within my head for several months now. In a billion pieces, like broken, shattered china dishes. {Wink, wink!!} But, as my Brain Juices write this story, I shall create beautiful mosaic artwork!! {Smirk, smirk, smirk!!} October happens to be National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We, personally, know a dear, dear friend who is currently battling it right now. Also. I "know" at least twain Blogging Friends whose lives have been deeply touched by this horrible disease. Sandy. And Rama's Mama. Our personal friend has four young children at home. I know that Rama's Mama is a mother, as well. In such circumstances, breast cancer does not only effect its patient, but her family, as well. To our personal friend's children. S. G. A. and N., this story is for you!!

Two days later than promised, here it is!!      

"Bubbles the Bubblegum Bunny"

"Children, let me tell you a story," Daphne, this kind, soft-spoken librarian said. "One that has not been written in any book that you will find on these shelves." The children were wide-eyed in curiosity.

"There is a legend which likes to be told, an old story, about this bunny rabbit named Bubbles."

Then, every one of the children laughed out loud until their tummies hurt. "Bubbles?!", they squealed. "That is a funny name!! Bubbles!!" And every one of the children kept laughing. Their Moms had to quiet them!! Because, after all, they were in the library where its only rule is silence!!

But there was one sweet boy, named Seth, who never laughed. "Bubbles?", he said in a shy little voice. "I have never heard of him. Who is Bubbles?" Then Daphne said, her voice sounding shocked, "What?! You have never heard of Bubbles the Bubblegum Bunny?!"

Suddenly, every other child stopped laughing. Daphne had captured their attention like the good librarian that she was. "Well, sit down," said Daphne. "And listen!! It is a good story." And listen every one of the children did.

 "It all started in a rabbit hole, this underground house....", Daphne began.

"Bubbles was just like any other bunny. He had ten brothers and ten sisters, a big family. His favorite food was orange carrots pulled out of farmers' gardens. He lived in a rabbit hole, and had lots of bunny friends. 

Plus his fur was brown, normal for bunnies. One afternoon, Bubbles hopped outside his rabbit hole to play with friends. And. His fur was not brown, anymore. No. It was a light pink color!! Upon seeing this, every one of Bubbles' bunny friends laughed and called him names. They were mean, hurtful words, too.

'Bubbles?!' 'Is that you?' 'Look at his pink fur!!' 'Bubbles thinks he is a girl!!' 'Yeah!!' 'Hey, I know!! Bubbles is the color of Bubblegum!!' 'Yeah!!' 'He is Bubbles the Bubblegum Bunny!!'

Then they all chanted this together, their voices becoming one.

'Bubbles the Bubblegum Bunny!! Bubbles the Bubblegum Bunny!! Bubbles the Bubblegum Bunny!!'

Then they all hopped away together, laughing, as though some funny joke had just been told, leaving poor Bubbles all alone.

There is a saying that goes like this. 'Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.' Whoever wrote that must have never been called mean, hurtful names. Because, those words left Bubbles with fresh wet tears falling down his pink fuzzy cheeks. He then slowly hopped back into his rabbit hole. It was not long before Irena, Bubbles' Mom, saw him.

'What is wrong? I thought you were going outside to play with your friends!!'

Then, wet tears still touching his pink fuzzy cheeks, Bubbles told Irena the story.

'I see', Irena said, a soft sadness in her voice. 'Where are your friends now? Come on, Bubbles. Let's go find them, you and me.'

So. Irena and Bubbles hopped outside their rabbit hole on a search to find these bunnies. This did not take very long. Because every one of Bubbles' friends were playing together.

And then they saw Irena. She did not have brown-colored fur. Or pink, for that matter!! As though somebody had shaved her, Irena was completely bald!!

'I have breast cancer,' Irena boldly explained. 'My doctors are giving me a medication, called chemotherapy. It helps fight the breast cancer. But chemotherapy can also make you lose your fur. See. Bubbles was not trying to be weird--or girly--by dying his fur pink. That is the breast cancer color!! Bubbles was simply trying to make a statement. He wanted you all to know about breast cancer. Bunnies, do not laugh at and make fun of someone just because he is acting a little different. Please. Because until you hop a mile in their feet, you'll never understand what they are going through.'

Then, every one of Bubbles' bunny friends stopped laughing and making fun. They even invited their pink-furred pal to play!! The end.", finished Daphne.

"So see, children. Do not laugh at and make fun of someone just because he is acting a little different. Remember that. Because until you walk a mile in their shoes, you'll never understand what they are going through."

Then, every one of the children nodded their heads in agreement. They, too, were not laughing anymore. For the children had learned a good lesson in Daphne's "Bubbles the Bubblegum Bunny" story!!