Saturday, November 2, 2013


Dedicated in memory of my dear, dear friend, Amber, who passed away from multiple sclerosis at age 19 on September 27th, 2008.

Blogging Friends.... I never pictured myself as being someone who writes fictional children's stories. It just sort of mysteriously happened!! Not that I am complaining. I love writing children's stories!! Each time I do, I'm "creating beautiful mosaic artwork" with the pieces of my broken, shattered dream!! This children's story began as a poem. Which, I'm afraid, sucked!! Well, I turned the poem into a children's story!! For my dear Blogging Friends who have kids. You may print this story off and read it to them!! I am alright with that!! Enjoy!!
"Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims"

It was a freezing cold November morning, with clear blue skies, no white fluffy clouds in sight. Thanksgiving Day. Smells of plump turkey, seasoned stuffing, and creamy mashed potatoes filled the house. Yum!! Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was on television, with famous singers, character floats, dancing, plus, of course, Santa Claus. Phaedra and her brother, Moses, were sitting in the living room, watching it. Well, Phaedra seemed a bit distracted. Something was clearly bothering her, and sweet, sensitive Moses knew.

"Are you alright?" asked Moses, "You're not watching the parade!!" He then pointed to a character float. "Look!! It is Clifford the Big Red Dog!!"

"I am just thinking about and missing Amber." said Phaedra.
Amber was a dear friend of Phaedra's. They used to write letters back and forth. But Amber was very, very, very sick. First, she lost her eyesight, and became blind. Then, Amber could not walk anymore. She needed a wheelchair. And, sadly, just two months ago, on September 27th, Amber died.

"I wonder if Amber misses Thanksgiving?" asked Phaedra, "She always loved holidays and her family. I wonder if Amber misses the tasty food?"

Phaedra looked sad, like she was going to cry. Then, as some famous singer from a Disney Channel show sang on the television screen, Moses stopped watching, and looked at his sister. But he smiled. Because a warm, happy thought just crossed Moses' mind.

"Oh, but Phaedra," he said, "Amber is in Heaven!! Do you know what that means?"

"No," answered Phaedra, tears now filling her eyes, "What does it mean?"

"Amber is having Thanksgiving dinner with the Pilgrims!! They lived a long, long time ago, remember? We learned about the Pilgrims in school!! Remember? They sailed far, far away in a crowded ship called "The Mayflower" from England to America. Friendly Indians lived there. One of them, named Squanto, even taught the Pilgrims how to hunt for deer, find berries and herbs, and plant corn!!"

"Then," Moses finished, "The Pilgrims invited their Indian friends to a huge Thanksgiving dinner!!"

Phaedra scowled, her face looking confused.

"What does all of this have to do with Amber?" she asked.

"Well. Many of the Pilgrims died of sickness, too, like Amber did," answered Moses. "Now, they are living in Heaven, with Jesus and singing angels!! So is Amber!! I believe that in Heaven there's a huge Thanksgiving dinner, even better than ours!!"

Moses' voice grew excited, as Phaedra listened. He had captured her attention.

"There is a long, long table, like the one they used in The Last Supper," Moses continued, "Picture this. There is a lot of food to eat. Plump turkey. Seasoned stuffing. Creamy mashed potatoes. Bright red cranberry. Soft sweet potatoes. Corn casserole. Gamey deer. Seafood-smelling lobster. Goose.... Without the feathers, of course. Crunchy onions. Sweet, healthy berries."

Phaedra's tummy growled. All this talk about Amber's Thanksgiving dinner with the Pilgrims made her hungry!!

"And then there is dessert!!" Moses went on, "Sweet, creamy cheesecake. Crunchy pecan pie. Chocolate. Lots and lots and lots of chocolate!! Spicy pumpkin pie. And so much more!!"

Phaedra licked her lips. The thought of such Heavenly desserts got her "sweet tooth" going!! Forget dinner. Now Phaedra only wanted dessert!! Yummy!!

"And that is just dessert!!" continued Moses, "Sitting around the long, long table are Pilgrims, dressed in their period clothing. Real-life Pilgrims, not somebody pretending to be them. Moms are wearing dresses and bonnets on their heads. They have been busy getting all this tasty food ready for eating. And now they're serving it in Heaven!! Dads are wearing baggy pants, buckled shoes, plus hats. They're patiently waiting for food. Angels are playing harps like little guitars, and singing lovely songs. Jesus is sitting at the head of this long, long table, smiling. And then there is Amber!! Blond haired, blue-eyed, completely healed from her sickness. She is sitting at the long, long table right next to Pilgrims!!"

Now Phaedra was smiling. Moses did just paint a neat picture!!

"See, Phaedra?" said Moses, "Amber has a lot to be thankful for this year. She is free from her sickness. Angels sing. She gets to have Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims. And, best of all? Amber is face-to-face with Jesus!!"

Both Phaedra and Moses smiled at such a beautiful thought. Amber having Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims. Such a beautiful thought, indeed.