Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"River Daphne"

Blogging Friends.... I hope you like Bruce Springsteen-related fictional stories, because.... More to come!! Every single day--except for rare occasions when I am reliving The River Challenge {then I close with 'Tenth Avenue Freeze-out'!! Because that song started everything for me.... Everything.... It was the first of Bruce's songs that I hip swayed/danced/cut loose to.... Oh yeah.... And I also included it in The River Challenge ten times!!} or when I am doing an all outtakes-themed Bruce Springsteen Workout {and.... 'Spirit In The Night' doesn't qualify as an outtake!! Because it is not!!}--when I hip sway/dance/cut loose to Bruce, 'Spirit In The Night' is always, always, always my closing song!! Why? Because I can easily tackle insane three, four hour-plus long Bruce Springsteen Workouts!! So I literally need Crazy Janey to say 'it's time to go'!! She is real, man.... Not a fictional character that Bruce created!! 'River Daphne' is what I am calling my 'Spirit In The Night Story'.... It's how that song transforms and transports me!! {Bruce wrote the lyrics.... I am not taking credit for his song!! I typed Bruce's lyrics in italic. I created this fictional story!! I made very few changes.... I had to, though, so that it fit my fictional story!! What I altered, I put in parenthesis!! And I did not use italic for those changes!! Anyway. I used Bruce's lyrics from his live version that he performed on July 7th, 1978.... He changed some words along the way!! Oh yeah.... I also gave Bruce's character a name!! Because everyone else had one!!} By the way? River Daphne is, I believe, so far my most wildest fictional character that I have ever created!! She was a lot of fun to imagine up!! 'Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive', Raelyn

PS. I think I accomplished a lot yesterday.... I played Wii with my brother, Michael, as we listened to Zac Brown!! I cooked chicken fries!! {From a box!!} And, yes, we did listen to Zac Brown's song, 'Chicken Fried'!! I tackled a three hour-long 'Born To Run marathon'!! I cleaned and vacuumed my bedroom shortly thereafter!! Twain things that fell off the 'balance beam of Life'? I did not mop my sweaty-smelling bedroom. And.... I did not post 'River Daphne' on this Blog. Better late than never?
Thank-you, Bruce, for continuously inspiring me as an artist!! This fictional story is 'for you'!!

Note Number One.... I totally dig 1960's/1970's hippie era America!! I have ever since I was, like, a teenager, and I'm thirty-three now!! For 'River Daphne', I Google-searched '1970's slang words'.... You know, like 'groovy', 'far out', 'jive'.... And I used them!! I also Google-searched everything hippie.... And I saw way more than my share of pictures of completely topless--most likely stoned--women!! Ah, but those were 'the times', right? Moving on!! I am not in any way, shape or form making fun of America's hippie era!! By the way? While writing this fictional story, I realized that--unlike River Daphne--I couldn't be a hippie!! I am not 'wild child' enough!! For my Blogging Friends who were actually alive in the 1960's/1970's--unlike me--I hope that I did it justice!! Anyway....

--1970's slang words/phrases--
Boogie on down/Get the groove on: Dance
Dig: Enjoy/Like
Jive turkey: Full of it/Crazy
Funky: To be cool/Something cool
Jive: Talk nonsense
The man: Any authority/Corporations/Police/Government
4-sho: For sure/For real
Up your nose with a rubber hose: No way
Freak: a strange, abnormal, or unusual person
Gee wiz: Oh, wow!!
Outta sight: Cool
Groovy: Cool, man!!
Far out: Cool
Awesome: Extremely good/Excellent
That's boss: Cool/Incredibly awesome/Great
Right on: Correct
Foxy lady: Beautiful/Sexually attractive
Can you dig it: Do you understand?/Can you feel it?/Can you take it?
Peace out: Gotta go
No way, Jose': I disagree
The crib: Going home

Note Number Two.... This is actually my third version of 'River Daphne'. Let me explain.... My first version of 'River Daphne'? This wonderful, trusty, old desktop computer who has served me so well lost it!! My second version of 'River Daphne'? It was written in longhand in a journal!! My third version of 'River Daphne'? Well.... Little Miss Perfectionist decided that version number two was 'not good enough' and 'I can make it better'!! So, I behold.... Version number three!! Enjoy!!

"River Daphne"

Transforms me. That is what Bruce Springsteen's song, 'Spirit In The Night' does whenever I listen to/sing my little heart and soul out/boogie on down/cut loose as that song blasts away every single day!! Why? Because 'Spirit In The Night'--which was written and recorded before I was even born, before I was ever a thought, dream or glint in anybody's eyes--transports me. Mentally? That song just takes me away!! Emotionally? That song just takes me away!! Spiritually? That song just takes me away!! To a world--and an era--which happened before my time.... To America's hippie movement days!! Just give me a drink--or several--of Wild Billy's rosé and take me there, man!! Because whenever I listen to/sing/get the groove on/cut loose as 'Spirit In The Night' plays--whether it be Bruce's recorded version {which I affectionately call '73'}, or either of his live versions {which I affectionately call '75' and '78'}, I'm both magically transformed and transported!!

And suddenly I--River Daphne--am a 'crazy cat' hippie too!!

What was that? You have never heard of River Daphne? Why am I not surprised?! See, I am the chick who Bruce's character {I think he needs a name!! How about Lover-Boy Bruce? Yes, that is totally perfect!!} Anyway, Lover-Boy Bruce did not mention me in his song, because, you know, he was too busy 'digging' Crazy Janey!! Oh well!! I just so happen to forgive and forget easily!! Because I am a peace-giving chick!! I also strongly believe in second chances and the concept that people do, in fact, change!! So, yes, I will forgive Lover-Boy Bruce!! I'll forget that he neglected to mention me in his song!! So yes, I will give Lover-Boy Bruce a second chance!! Because, why not?!

I have nothing in my heart but peace and love, man!!

Crazy Janey and her mission man were back in the alley trading hands. 'Long came Wild Billy with his friend, G-man, all duded up for Saturday night. {Wild} Billy slammed on his coaster breaks. "Anybody wanna go on up to Greasy Lake?" he said, "It's about a mile down on the dark side of Route 88!! I got a bottle of rosé, so let's try it!! We'll pick up Hazy Davy and Killer Joe and I'll take you all out to where the gypsy angels go!! They're built like light!! And they dance like spirits in the night!! In the night!! Oh, you don't know what they can do to you!! Spirits in the night!! In the night!! Stand up now and let it shoot through you!!" Wild Billy was totally vehement about these so-called 'gypsy angels' at Greasy Lake, you know? Well, not me!!

Because I was equally adamant that they don't exist!!

"'Gypsy angels'?" I said, as my fingers did air quotes, "You are such a jive turkey, man!! 'Gypsy angels'.... Yeah. Right."

Did I just call Wild Billy a 'jive turkey'? For believing in so-called 'gypsy angels' at Greasy Lake? Why? Am I not a hippie, too? Just like Wild Billy, Crazy Janey, Lover-Boy Bruce, Hazy Davy and Killer Joe? Yeah, baby!! I am a flower child!! I wear friendly-looking daisy headbands on my beautiful, long, straight, thin brunette hair!! Because I totally believe that flowers symbolize peace and love, man!! I wear multiple earrings.... But my long hair always covers them up!! Oh well!! I wear rainbow-colored love beads around my neck!! Because, you know, {just like flowers}, I totally believe that they symbolize peace and love, man!! I wear long-sleeved tops!! However. I always roll the sleeves up so that my forearm tattoos are visible!! Because I totally dig body art, man!! On my right forearm? I have a funky orange-colored butterfly tattoo!! On my left forearm? I have a rainbow-colored peace symbol!! On my right ankle? I have a red-colored rose tattoo!! On my left ankle? I have two hearts.... One is pink-colored and the other is purple-colored!! I totally want more body art, man!! I also wear several rainbow-colored love beads on both of my wrists!! Every single finger has a gaudy-looking ring!! I wear bellbottom jeans!! Unless, on the rare occasion when I'm actually feeling girly. Then I wear long, flowing, brightly-colored skirts!! Bras are constricting and uncomfortable, man!! So I feel way more liberated when I'm not wearing one, you know? I am anti-Vietnam war!! Actually, I oppose violence of any fashion!!

I have even partaken in literally countless political rallies and marches!!

Because I strongly believe in 'make love, not war', man!! Yes, yes.... Free love is totally alright, you know? By the way? I know that I called Wild Billy a 'jive turkey', but I think I'm in love with him!! Or maybe.... I have a crush on Hazy Davy? Yes, I do like Lover-Boy Bruce.... But he is obviously already taken by Crazy Janey!! And crushing on boys who have girlfriends? I don't do that, man!! Alright.... Maybe I am just a little flirt!! What about Killer Joe? Do I have feelings for him? Nah, that is a bunch of jive, man!! Because he's totally not my type at all!! Well.... Whatever 'my type' in boys is, you know? Because I honestly have no idea.... I just feel attracted to hippie boys with long hair!! I like handsome guys!! I just feel attracted to sweet-talking Romeos.... And Wild Billy is totally the one, man!! But, either way....

I have made love with literally countless boys, you know?

Yes, I called Wild Billy a 'jive turkey'.... Just because he believes in so-called 'gypsy angels' at Greasy Lake!! But am I not a 'crazy cat' hippie, too? Yeah, baby!! I am a wild child, man!! I talk the hippie talk and I walk the hippie walk, you know? I strongly believe that psychedelic drugs expand my own consciousness, man!! Yes, I have been stoned, drunk and hung over!! Rules? I make them up as I go along, man!! Laws? I do not care if the man catches, arrests and sends me to jail, I break them, anyway, you know? Yet it will totally take a divine miracle, I think, to convert me into believing that these so-called 'gypsy angels' at Greasy Lake are 4-sho!! And, you know....

I guess I just do not strongly believe in miracles, man!!

A bottle of rosé wasn't the only thing that Wild Billy brought along with him to share!! Because.... Well, now Wild Billy was a crazy cat and he shook some dust out of his coonskin cap!! "Trust some of this, it'll show you where you're at, or at least it'll help you really feel it!!" he cried. "That is totally far out, man!!" I exclaimed when I saw Wild Billy's bottle of rosé and dust, "Yeah, baby!! Let's try some rosé!! Yeah, baby!! Give me some of that dust!! I want to really feel it, man!!" So everybody {Wild Billy.... Crazy Janey.... Lover-Boy Bruce.... Hazy Davy.... Killer Joe.... Me....} all hopped into Wild Billy's stick shift-operated, jerky, red and white-painted Volkswagen bus with its noisy, rumbling engine!!

Then, he drove us toward our destination!!

By the time we made it up to Greasy Lake, {Lover-Boy Bruce} had {his} head out the window and {Crazy} Janey's fingers in the cake!! {Lover-Boy Bruce} thinks {he} really dug her, 'cause {he} was too loose to fake!! "I'm hurt," {he} said. "Honey, let me heal it!!" she said. And we danced all night to a soul fairy band!! And she kissed {him} just right like only a lonely angel can!! Well, according to Lover-Boy Bruce, anyway!! She felt just right, just as sweet as a spirit in the night!! In the night!! Baby, don't know what she do to you!! Spirit in the night!! In the night!! Stand up and let her shoot right through you!! And I repeat.... According to Lover-Boy Bruce, anyway!!

I may have been a skeptic about those gypsy angels at Greasy Lake at first, but I strongly believe in them now!!

"Yeah, baby!!" I hollered as I was real stoned and drunk, "Spirit in the night!! Spirit in the night!! Spirit in the night!! Spirit in the night!! Spirit in the night!! Wild Billy? I know that I did not believe in all of your talk, talk, talk about these gypsy angels at Greasy Lake!! I called you a 'jive turkey'!! I may, or may not have even thought 'up your nose with a rubber hose', man!! But, Wild Billy? You are no jive turkey, baby!! You're not a freak, man!! Because these gypsy angels?! Gee wiz, they are outta sight, you know? These gypsy angels?! Groovy!! These gypsy angels?! They are far out, man!! These gypsy angels?! They are funky, you know? These gypsy angels?! They are awesome, man!! These gypsy angels?! That's so boss!! Wild Billy, you were totally right on about these gypsy angels at Greasy lake, baby!! I am a believer!! Gypsy angels!! Gypsy angels!! Gypsy angels!! Gypsy angels!! Gypsy angels!!"

I was talking at one hundred miles per hour, I was babbling on, I was flirting with Wild Billy!!

Now the night grew bright and the stars threw light on {Wild} Billy and {Hazy} Davy dancing in the moonlight!! We were down near the water in a stoned mud fight!! Killer Joe passed out on the lawn!! Well, Hazy Davy got really hurt!! He crawled into the lake in just his socks and a shirt!! {Lover-Boy Bruce} and Crazy Janey were making love in the dirt, singing {their} birthday songs!! Meanwhile, I--obviously real stoned and drunk--ripped off my braless shirt!! Just like the lady--I mean hippie--that I am, man!! And then I shamelessly threw my shirt in Greasy Lake's dark gray-colored sand!! What happened next was totally beyond anything that I have ever done before, you know? Even though I am a wild child, man!! I recklessly ran toward Hazy Davy, I slobbered kisses all over his face and I made love with him!! We must have been quite the sight to behold, you know? Hazy Davy and I were both real hurt.... He's already butt naked and I was totally shirtless.... Yet we were making love with each other, anyway!! Yes, totally out in the open where onlookers, passersby and hikers can see, man!!

But I thought that I was in love with Wild Billy, not Hazy Davy?

Oh, I am!! And what happened next was totally beyond anything that I have ever done before, you know? Even though I am a hippie, man!! As if I were playing some weird game of 'sexual musical chairs', and our tune randomly stopped playing, then started back up again, I quickly changed boys!! I recklessly ran toward Wild Billy!! I gave him passionate kisses!! We ripped each other's clothes off and they were strewn everywhere in the gray-colored sand!! I kissed Wild Billy, he kissed me back!! At last!! Yes, totally out in the open where onlookers, passersby and hikers can see, man!! Oh, yeah.... They're built like light!! And they dance like spirits in the night!! In the night!! Oh, you don't know what they can do to you!! Spirits in the night!! In the night!! Stand up now and let it shoot through you!!

 I think Wild Billy even said that I'm 'a foxy lady' in between making love!!

It all felt so magical, as though I were dreaming!! Me and Wild Billy making love at Greasy Lake.... Out where the gypsy angels go!! It was totally funky, outta sight, groovy, far out, awesome and boss all rolled into one, you know? Yes, yes, Wild Billy felt just right, just as sweet as a spirit in the night!! Can you dig it, man?! That was until Crazy Janey rudely awakened me from my magical dream!! How? By having the nerve to say eleven bossy, control freak words. "Hey little brother, don't you think it's time now we go?" said {Crazy} Janey {to Lover-Boy Bruce}.

Meanwhile, I was still making out with Wild Billy....

What?! I mentally protested, It is time to go?! Are you a jive turkey, Crazy Janey?! Huh?! Oh, you are!! You're such a jive turkey!! In every single sense of that phrase!! What do you mean 'don't you think it's time now we go'?! Just when things are finally, finally, finally heating up between me and Wild Billy?! They're looking good, you know? I mean, impeccable timing, Crazy Janey!! Now suddenly it is peace out, man?! No way, Jose'!!

Meanwhile, I was also still real stoned and drunk....

Do you have some serious commitment issues, Crazy Janey?! I could not help but wonder, Because things are not only finally, finally, finally heating up between me and Wild Billy.... But they're also looking good with you!! Yet now we are going to the crib, man?! Just like that?! Now it is peace out, Greasy Lake?! Peace out, gypsy angels?! Peace out, spirit in the night?! Why....?! Who died and made you the boss?!

Serious commitment issues or not, when Crazy Janey says that it is time to go, it is time to go!!

Why? Because Crazy Janey said so!! And she is totally always right on, you know? Somehow. Why? Because Crazy Janey also happens to be a fortune teller.... And like every other soothsayer or psychic or sibyl, she simply knows!! Why? Because I will let you in on a little secret.... Ready? Crazy Janey is a gypsy angel, too, man!! So now you know!! Crazy Janey is a gypsy angel fortune teller, man!! But do not tell anybody, alright? Because Crazy Janey already knows!! So we closed our eyes and said goodbye to gypsy angel row!! Felt just right!! Together we moved like spirits in the night!! In the night!! Baby, don't know what it do to you!! Spirit in the night!! In the night!! Stand up and let it shoot right through you!!

Before we all drove away from Greasy Lake, I carved these twelve words in a tree....

'River Daphne LOVES Wild Billy!! He gets me to feel the spirit!!'

Yeah, baby!! Can you feel the spirit?!