Wednesday, November 1, 2017

“Kindred Spirits”

Blogging Friends…. Do you remember my fictional ‘Bob Dylan Story’—as I affectionately call it—titled ‘Blue Eyes’, which I posted on here in September? Well…. It did not really have an ending!! Mary Lou randomly meets Bob, they converse in conversation for twain hours…. And then she leaves?! This has driven my already crazy never-shuts-down head absolutely crazy!! Mary Lou and Bob connected, they understood each other, he even liked her for not being a Dylanologist…. And then they just part ways?! What about the song that Bob wrote, recorded and sort of promised Mary Lou? Well…. Here is Part Two!! Will these fictional ‘Bob Dylan Stories’ keep on coming? Maybe…. Maybe not…. Will I start a ‘Bob Dylan Story Series’? I’ll never tell…. Should I start a ‘Bob Dylan Story Series’? Peace out, Mary Lou

Note Number One…. Would Bob—should he randomly bump into a friend—be the first person to approach her/him? Is that even his personality? Or would he leave her/him alone? I do not have the answers to these questions, of course!! And that is alright with me!! However. What was more important to me than ‘painting’ an accurate ‘picture’ of Bob? Making him ‘normal’…. Whatever ‘normal’ is!! Because if John, Charlie or Glenn—for example—were to randomly bump into me somewhere, they would be the first to say, ‘Hi!! How ya doin’?’!! Trust me on that one!! So…. Why wouldn’t Bob be the first person to say, ‘Hi!! How ya doin’?”?!

Note Number Two…. Remember on August 21st, when I posted a fictional story titled ‘Keep On Keepin’ On’ about an aunt, her nieces and their Gran who has breast cancer? It was inspired by my dear friend who I am in close proximity to…. Remember that fictional story? Well, on October 19th, she underwent her very last radiation treatment!! As this blessed Thanksgiving season swiftly approaches us, we all have a lot to be grateful for around here!!

“Kindred Spirits”

I’m just average, common too; I’m just like him, the same as you; I’m everybody’s brother and son; I ain’t different from anyone; It ain’t no use a-talkin’ to me; It’s just the same as talkin’ to you…. --Lyrics to ‘I Shall Be Free—No. 10’, written by Bob Dylan

Unlikely friendships. They obviously happen when you least expect them to. Such as the unlikely friendship of musicians Stevie Van Zandt and Darlene Love. Or the unlikely friendship of former Republican United States president, George H.W. Bush and former Democrat United States President, Bill Clinton. Or the unlikely friendship of musicians Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. Such as the unlikely friendship of Disney/Pixar characters, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Or the unlikely friendship of Sesame Street characters, Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus. Or the unlikely friendship of Disney characters Lilo and Stitch. Because…. Whether they’re real or fictional makes absolutely no difference none whatsoever!!

Because unlikely friendships are the best and they can last forever!!

I was standing inside Food For Thought Bookstore & Music’s entertainment ‘room’. I had been looking, searching—basically thumbing through—at least twenty or more Bob Dylan albums. I was feeling overwhelmed…. My heart literally raced…. Mild panic attacks conquered me…. My hands were trembling…. I could hardly breathe…. I was going to drop dead from a heart attack…. And, yes, it would be all Bob Dylan’s fault…. I felt as excited as a little girl on Christmas morning or an adult who had just won the jackpot…. With one complex thought, feeling and emotion soaring through my head….

This is the last time that I ever decide I like or love a prolific musician whose career started before I was born!!

“Are you sure you understand my song lyrics….?” a familiar, distinctive, very recognizable voice suddenly said, “Mary Lou….?”

Bob Dylan was standing right behind me!! In his left hand were bags of books that he had purchased. Under the circumstances that I’d recently suffered from a mild panic attack, I was initially startled by Bob Dylan’s deep, raspy, soft-spoken ‘smoker’s voice’!! As resulted, I jumped, I screamed…. And I nearly punched him!! Why? Because I can be very aggressive whenever people frighten me!! Bob Dylan quickly stepped back in an effort to evade his face from being hit by my hands. Now, I don’t punch like a girl!! How do I know this? Because when I was, like, eight years old, my right fist shattered a hard glass window!! Why? Because my oldest brother, Matt, locked me out, so I angrily punched it!!

I sincerely hope that I’d be the first woman who ever gave Bob Dylan a shiner, a bloody nose or a fat lip!! I thought.

Blue Eyes!!” was all that I could say, with a huge smile written on my face.

Just like with our first random chance-meet? I observed that Bob Dylan had on a disguise…. This time, he was wearing blue jeans with his black jacket. I noticed that its hood was down…. So I could clearly see Bob Dylan’s apparently trusty, straight, bleached-blond wig!! He looked typical, he looked ordinary, he looked like an average Joe, he looked common, he looked ‘normal’…. Whatever ‘normal’ is!!

Except for this time, I could see his beautiful blue eyes looking straight back at me!!

“That’s an interesting choice of records you have there, Mary Lou!!” Bob Dylan casually said, with a smile written on his face.

In my hands, I held The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, John Wesley Harding, and Bob Dylan.

I laughed nervously.

“Well, I have all of your albums from the 1960’s….” I said, “Except for these three that are in my hand…. And Nashville Skyline!! You know what, Blue Eyes? It was actually Bruce Springsteen who got me into your earliest albums!!”

“How’s that, Mary Lou?” asked Bob Dylan, his blue eyes looking curious.

“Because, not only did Bruce practically recommend that I hear ‘Like A Rolling Stone’….” I said, “I mean, if we were literally friends, he would have…. Right? But Bruce also practically recommended that I hear Bringing It All Back Home, Another Side Of Bob Dylan and, obviously, Highway 61 Revisited!! Those are all totally awesome albums!! You have released thirty-eight records, Blue Eyes!! When I’m just starting out collecting them, I could use all the help and recommendations I can get!! Then I purchased Blonde On Blonde right here, where we are standing!! Which is also a totally awesome album!! I ordered The Times They Are A-Changin’ Online, as well!! Now, that is what I call a ‘feeler album’…. It works my emotions!! Food for thought, that album!! So, I already have a good fraction of your CDs from the 1960’s…. And to quote Bruce…. We can’t stop now!!”

Nope….” agreed Bob Dylan, with a smile written on his face and a twinkle in his blue eyes, “You certainly can’t stop now, Mary Lou….”

“I love—I dig them, actually—your albums and songs from the 1960’s, Blue Eyes!!” I exclaimed, “It took me a while to figure out why…. Is it because I love your harmonica playing? Yes, I do, so that was explanation enough for me!! Or is it because I prefer you as a folk artist? Not necessarily…. Because I love you as a rocker, as well!! Then one day, I had an epiphany…. The reason why I love—I mean—dig your albums and songs from the 1960’s is because they are—mostly—brilliant, witty, ingenious…. And…. Well, they are kind of far-out!!”

To which Bob Dylan looked at me as his blue eyes were simultaneously soft and somewhat hard.

“They’re ‘far-out’?” he said, with a slight tone in his animated voice.

Yeah!!” I said, “But in the best way possible, Blue Eyes!! I mean…. Phrases and words are continuously changing…. Like the times. ‘Far-out’ does not necessarily mean ‘cool’, or ‘funky’, or ‘outta sight’…. You know? If you were to look up the word ‘far-out’, its definition is…. Marked by a considerable departure from the conventional or traditional; Very strange or unusual…. Well, all of that is true—in my opinion—about your albums and songs from the 1960’s!! In a good way!! And I love—I mean, I dig—it!!”

To which Bob Dylan laughed quietly.

“So you’re not saying that my records and songs from the 1960’s are ‘far-out’ because they were…. You know…. Recorded in the 1960’s, Mary Lou?” he asked, with a smile written on his face and a mischievous look in his blue eyes.

No….” I stammered, “And, yes…. But what do I—a thirty-three year old—even know about the 1960’s, anyway, Blue Eyes, aside from watching movies and reading books about that ‘era’?”

I was suddenly feeling nervous, as though I’d just said something wrong or out of line. But Bob Dylan came to my rescue!!

“I’m just kidding you, Mary Lou!!” he said, with a smile written on his face as his blue eyes twinkled, “They were written under different circumstances, and circumstances never repeat themselves. Not exactly. I couldn't get to those kinds of songs anymore. To do it, you've got to have power and dominion over the spirits. I had done it once, and once was enough.”

“Didn’t you write those exact words in your memoir, Chronicles: Volume One, Blue Eyes?” I said, “Which, I haven’t read…. Not yet, anyway!! But I think I read somewhere Online that you wrote those words in Chronicles: Volume One!!”

“Yes, I did!!” exclaimed Bob Dylan, as his blue eyes looked confident.

“It is sort of too bad that you cannot write particular songs like your stuff from the 1960’s, anymore!!” I said, “Because…. Like I said, your albums and songs from the 1960’s are—mostly—brilliant, witty, ingenious…. And, yes, they’re kind of far-out!! Those songs—such as ‘I Shall Be Free—No. 10’, ‘Maggie’s Farm’, ‘Motorpsycho Nitemare’, ‘On The Road Again’, ‘Rainy Day Women #12 & 35’, ‘Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream’, ‘Leopard-skin Pill-box Hat’—they make me laugh, they make me smile, they make me feel so good inside for a while!! I just went through an emotionally stressful six months {I was my dear friend’s part-time caretaker, as she suffered through some Life-changing health problems}, so I have desperately needed somebody to make me laugh, to make me smile, to make me feel good inside right now!! And, apparently—tag, you’re it—Blue Eyes!! So thanks…. For being you!!”

Then I smiled.

“And ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’—what a poetic, whimsical, imaginative song that is—‘takes me on a trip upon your magic swirlin’ ship; My senses have been stripped, my hands can’t feel to grip; My toes too numb to step; Wait only for my boot heels to be wanderin’; I’m ready to go anywhere, I’m ready for to fade; Into my own parade, cast your dancing spell my way; I promise to go under it….!! ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ is—so far—the most challenging song that I have ever sung aloud {even with its words right in front of me} I swear that about halfway through, you slightly sped up the tempo and wrote as many words as humanly possible!! I love it!! Your albums and songs from the 1960’s are—mostly—far-out!! Best. Epiphany. Ever!! I will always look back on those particular songs from the 1960’s and remember how they helped me through six very hard months, Blue Eyes!!”

“How’s your friend doing, Mary Lou?” asked Bob Dylan, as his blue eyes looked sincerely concerned.

“She is officially on the slow road to recovery!!” I exclaimed, “Because now it is Healing Time!! Thank-you for asking about her, Blue Eyes!! I appreciate it!!”

“Well, I’m happy that she’s going to be alright, Mary Lou!!” said Bob Dylan, as his blue eyes looked relieved.

“So am I!!” I said.

“Do you want to hear something kind of funny, Blue Eyes?” I randomly said, as I held The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan in my hand.

Sure!!” said Bob Dylan.

“I cannot say….” I began.

I paused for a nanosecond to carefully concentrate on the words that would come out of my mouth next.

Then I laughed self-consciously.

“I cannot say….” I continued, “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan!! Why? Because, no matter how hard I try, it always somehow comes out of my mouth as ‘The Free Willy Bob Dylan’!! Why is that, Blue Eyes?”

To which Bob Dylan laughed so hard, I could not see his blue eyes.

“Oh my gosh!!” I suddenly exclaimed, “They have Tempest here?! I want that album!!”

“Do you have any of The Beatles’ records, Mary Lou?” asked Bob Dylan.

“Uh, no….” I sheepishly said, with a cringe written on my face, “I cannot stand The Beatles, Blue Eyes!! Yes, I have heard many of their songs—I kind of like ‘All You Need Is Love’—but….”

I paused for a nanosecond and I cringed once more, as I awaited Bob Dylan’s reaction.

“I do not like The Beatles!!” I said, “I have no idea why, Blue Eyes!! It is a mystery!!”

But Bob Dylan simply smiled, as his blue eyes looked playful.

What?!” teased Bob Dylan, “You’re not my friend, anymore!! What’s wrong with you, Mary Lou?!”

“A laundry list of things!!” I exclaimed, “Oh, I am hopelessly flawed, Blue Eyes!! Let me name a few of my shortcomings, faults and sins!!”

“You don’t like The Beatles, Mary Lou….” said Bob Dylan in a soft-spoken, noncritical voice, with love in his blue eyes, “Well, to each one their own, I suppose….”

Then Bob Dylan fingered through several albums—somewhat impulsively—as though he was searching for something.

Huh,” said Bob Dylan, as his blue eyes looked somewhat annoyed, “They don’t have a whole lot of The Beatles’ records here!! That’s weird. But here, start with this record, Mary Lou!!”

In his right hand, Bob Dylan held The Beatles The Number Ones.

Blue Eyes!!” I exclaimed, with a smile written on my face, “I thought I just told you that I cannot stand The Beatles!!”

“I know!!” said Bob Dylan, with an incredible spark of brilliance in his blue eyes, “I’m going to make you a believer, Mary Lou!!”

“In The Beatles, Blue Eyes?” I said.

“Ah, you’ll see, Mary Lou!!” Bob Dylan mysteriously said.

Then he simply smiled, as his blue eyes looked knowingly.

I felt skeptical that I’d ever become a fanatic of The Beatles’, but Bob Dylan insisted that I would, so I let him purchase me The Number Ones.

“Well, I need to go,” said Bob Dylan, as his blue eyes looked sorry, “If only I’d known that you and I would chance-meet each other again today, Mary Lou!! Because…. I would have brought along your song….”

Really?!” I said, with excitement in my voice, “You actually wrote a song about me, Blue Eyes?!”

“Yes, I did….” said Bob Dylan, as his blue eyes twinkled, “I hope you like it, Mary Lou!!”

“I know I will!!” I said, “I love everything that you write and record, Blue Eyes!!”

“Would you like to ‘bump into me’ {since we do that a lot} next Wednesday, so that I can give you your song, Mary Lou?” asked Bob Dylan, as his blue eyes looked inviting, “We’ll meet at noon…. Inside De-Café Coffee on 1965 Street!!”

“That was where we met, Blue Eyes!!” I exclaimed.

To which Bob Dylan simply smiled, as his blue eyes sparkled.

“But what if the paparazzi or something sees you with me at De-Café Coffee, Blue Eyes?” I said, “I am literally two years older than your youngest daughter!! Won’t the paparazzi think that we are…. You know…. On a date?”

“Oh, let them all talk!!” said Bob Dylan in a badass fashion, “I know that we’re not dating, you know that we’re not dating…. I don’t care what they—or anybody—says about me!! We know the truth, Mary Lou!!”

Then Bob Dylan smiled, as his blue eyes looked witty.

“If I were taking you out on a date, Mary Lou, I’d hope that it would be somewhere much nicer than De-Café Coffee!!” said Bob Dylan.

To which I laughed.

Alright!!” I said, “It is a who-cares-if-the-paparazzi-catches-you not date!! I love it!! See you on Wednesday, Blue Eyes!! Do you want my cell-phone number?”

“That won’t be necessary,” said Bob Dylan, as his blue eyes looked trusting, “I’ll see you next week, Mary Lou!!”

Then Bob Dylan walked on and we parted ways…. Again. I purchased The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, John Wesley Harding, Bob Dylan and, of course, Tempest. Then, I wandered aimlessly while ‘looking’ at books. But I never even picked any up. Because all I could think about was that I’d met my Kindred Spirit, and made an unlikely friend in Bob Dylan. But we had to part ways…. Again. All I could think about was that I’d found somebody who I sincerely understand, and who gets me in return. But we had to part ways…. Again. All I could think of was that on next Wednesday, Bob Dylan and I will meet again…. And this time, it would be planned, not destiny, Life or fate which brought us together.

I suddenly felt like a teenager who was crushing on somebody…. And I liked lots of musicians back then!!

“Well, I hate to admit it, Blue Eyes….” I confessed after driving my ‘old’ 1970’s baby blue-painted Ford pickup truck toward De-Café Coffee and meeting Bob Dylan inside one week later, “But you have officially made me a believer!! I cannot stop playing The Beatles!! What is happening to me?! You have officially turned this girl into a fan!!”

I felt surprised that Bob Dylan was not disguised in his trusty, straight, bleached-blond wig…. I could actually see natural, curly, somewhat messy silver hair!!

Good!!” said Bob Dylan, with a smile written on his face as his blue eyes looked proud of me, “My work here is done!!”

Bob Dylan handed me a CD. Written on its case—in his own handwriting—read ‘Beautifully Unique’ {Mary Lou’s song}.

“Well, here it is!!” said Bob Dylan, as his blue eyes looked simultaneously nervous and confident, “Your song, Mary Lou!!”

“You titled it ‘Beautifully Unique’….?” I said, as emotions overcame me and happy, positive, touched tears filled my eyes, “That’s…. That’s…. That’s…. My phrase….!! As an artist, I coined ‘Beautifully Unique’…. It was several years ago….!! At first, I referred to mixed breed dogs as being ‘Beautifully Unique’…. For they are not purebreds….!! Then, I wholeheartedly called special-needs children and medically fragile kids ‘Beautifully Unique’….!! If you are different in any fashion….? You’re Beautifully Unique….!! If you are eccentric….? You’re Beautifully Unique….!! If you have learning disabilities….? You’re Beautifully Unique….!! Did you know that that was my phrase, Blue Eyes….?! Well….? Did you….?!”

Nope!!” said Bob Dylan, with a smile written on his face, as his blue eyes looked sincerely surprised, “I did not know that!! I decided to call your song ‘Beautifully Unique’, because…. Well…. You are Beautifully Unique, Mary Lou!! You’re not a Dylanologist like everybody else!!”

To which I smiled.

“While we’re here, would you like some coffee, Mary Lou?” asked Bob Dylan, as his blue eyes twinkled, “Like a mocha?”

“You remembered my preference of coffee drinks, Blue Eyes!!” I said, “And, yes, I would love a mocha!! Thank-you!!”

So—just like he did last time—Bob Dylan ordered me an incredibly addictive medium-sized mocha…. And a double chunk chocolate chip cookie!!

“I absolutely love your singing voice, Blue Eyes!!” I said, after Bob Dylan returned, “It is distinctive, very animated, and unique!! Your singing—in my opinion—has even gotten better with time and age!! It is softer, yet raspy!! You know what they say…. Like a fine wine….?”

“Thank-you!!” said Bob Dylan, “Although some would say that you’re deaf, Mary Lou!!”

Huh?” I teasingly said, “What did you say, Blue Eyes? I did not hear you!!”

To which Bob Dylan laughed, as he rolled his blue eyes.

“No, seriously, cross my heart and soul, I love your singing voice!!” I said, “I do mean that!! Because when I either like or love somebody, I do it with all my heart and soul!! You could be the absolute worst singer who ever walked this planet {which you’re not}, and I would be deaf, just because I love you!! No offense, Blue Eyes!!”

“People say they love a lot of things, but they really don't,” said Bob Dylan, “It's just a word that's been overused, Mary Lou. When you put your Life on the line for somebody, that's love. But you'll never know it until you're in the moment. When someone will die for you, that's love, too.”

Then Bob Dylan smiled, as his blue eyes looked understanding.

“And, don’t worry, you did not offend me!!” he said, “I’ve heard it all from my critics, Mary Lou!!”

“So have I!!” I said, in an angry fashion, “Oh, your critics can be so judgmental, so mean, so hardhearted, Blue Eyes!! They think the worst of you all the time!! Or so it seems!! But I think that your critics all hate you just because you’re you!! They are no different than the bullies who made fun of and called me nasty names as a girl growing up!! Am I right?”

To which Bob Dylan nodded his head ‘yes’, as his blue eyes looked like they agreed with what I just said.

“Critics have always been on my tail since day one, Mary Lou,” said Bob Dylan, “Seems like they’ve always given me special treatment. Some of the music critics say I can't sing. I croak. Sound like a frog. They say my voice is shot. That I have no voice. Critics say I can't carry a tune and I talk my way through a song. No vocal range. Slur my words, got no diction. Critics say I mangle my melodies, render my songs unrecognizable.”

“You cannot sing?!” I protested, as my voice still sounded angry, “Yeah, I have heard that one before, Blue Eyes. Somebody once told me that you cannot sing, but the only reason why you’re famous is because you are only a talented songwriter and musician. Whatever. You do not ‘croak’ or ‘sound like a frog’!! Your voice isn’t shot!! I think that you kind of sound like a white-skinned Louis Armstrong nowadays!!”

To which Bob Dylan’s blue eyes became big.

“You have no voice?!” I continued, as I still sounded angry, “Really….? Weren’t you ‘the voice of a generation’?! {Not mine!!} Weren’t you ‘the voice of protest’?! So that can be taken in more ways than one!! You cannot carry a tune and you talk your way through songs?! What do these critics think…. You’re tone-deaf?! I bet a thousand bucks that they all do!! You slur your words and have no diction?! Yeah, I’ve heard that one before, as well. And yet, my very first time listening to ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’, I could clearly hear don’t criticize what you can’t understand!! My very first time!! What a great line that is, Blue Eyes…. Those are definitely words to live by!!”

“That’s very impressive, Mary Lou!!” was all Bob Dylan could say.

“You mangle your melodies and render your songs unrecognizable?!” I finished, “I do not think so!! Because I understand you…. In more ways than one!! I do mean that, Blue Eyes!!”

I paused for a split caffeine-fueled nanosecond.

“Blue Eyes?” I said.

Yes, Mary Lou?” said Bob Dylan.

“This is the last time that you order me a mocha from De-Café Coffee!!” I exclaimed, “The baristas here must put an extremely dangerous amount of caffeine—and sugar—in them, Blue Eyes!!”

To which Bob Dylan laughed.

I paused and I inhaled a deep breath so that I could calm myself down.

“You know what I love even more than your singing voice, Blue Eyes?” I asked.

What, Mary Lou?” asked Bob Dylan.

“Your poetic songwriting!!” I exclaimed, “From one artist to another, I absolutely love it!! Your singing voice did not write the lyrics to ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’, ‘I Shall Be Free—No. 10’, ‘Maggie’s Farm’, ‘Motorpsycho Nitemare’, ‘On The Road Again’, ‘Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35’, ‘Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream’, ‘Leopard-skin Pill-box Hat’…. I could keep going…. No, your ‘head full of ideas that are drivin’ you insane’ {to quote you from ‘Maggie’s Farm’} wrote those songs, your heart and soul wrote those songs!! ‘The only thing I knew how to do was to keep on keepin’ on like a bird that flew….’ What wrote that line? Your singing voice, or your Creative Powers, Blue Eyes?”

I paused for a nanosecond.

“Your broken heart, your bleeding soul—and your resilience—wrote that line….” I said, “Didn’t they? Your thoughts, feelings and emotions wrote that line…. Didn’t they? ‘Keep on keepin’ on like a bird that flew….’ Well, this line served as my lifeline throughout my dear friend’s journey, during one of the longest {and hardest} six months of my entire Life!! It kept me strong, it kept me going, it helped me to ‘keep on keepin’ on’…. Especially during times when I felt like crashing and burning!! So, thank-you, Blue Eyes…. I am eternally grateful for your songwriting, for that line!!”

To which Bob Dylan’s blue eyes filled with tears.

“Now, I am not saying that you should have just been an unknown songwriter for other artists!!” I said, “Because then this world would have been deprived of your harmonica, your guitar, and your piano playing!! That’d be so sad!! Now, I said that I love your singing voice, and I sincerely meant it!! Ah, do not mind me… I am just, you know, feeling way too much!! I know, I know…. You told me that I cannot ever ‘feel too much’, Blue Eyes!! Well…. I am just feeling a lot!!”

“I….” said Bob Dylan as he brushed tears away from his blue eyes, “I need to walk outside toward my car for a minute…. I’ll be right back, Mary Lou!!”

Alright, Blue Eyes!!” I said.

Ah, I made Bob Dylan cry!! I thought, as I drank my mocha, Why did I have to go and do that?

Shortly thereafter? Bob Dylan returned while carefully holding something large and square-shaped in his hands.

“What is that, Blue Eyes?” I asked out of curiosity.

“It’s….” said Bob Dylan, as he slowly turned the mysterious item around for my eyes to see, “….A painting that I created…. Of you, Mary Lou!!”

Oh my gosh….!!” I exclaimed, “Blue Eyes…. You painted a picture of me?!”

Now it was time for my eyes to fill with tears. I slowly observed Bob Dylan’s painting of me. It was incredibly beautiful…. I was smiling, sitting inside De-Café Coffee, and holding a mocha. Just like with his songwriting? Bob Dylan’s painting of me was incredibly detailed…. Yet, at the same time? It was also simple!! From the steam rising out of my mocha cup’s tiny hole…. To De-Café Coffee’s baristas…. From the world-famous label on my mocha cup…. To our table and chairs where we were sitting…. From the walls inside of De-Café Coffee…. To other paying customers enjoying their drinks. But, perhaps the very best part about this painting?  

Bob Dylan actually made me pretty!!