Tuesday, April 2, 2019

“Grampa’s Lap”

This has been a REALLY LONG month. First, I battled the flu, despite getting my ineffective shot. Then—as soon as I was no longer sick, or contagious—I devoted at least three weeks toward recovery from that nasty viral infection. I hip swayed/danced/cut loose to Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan every single day. I chased my nieces, Opal, and Amethyst through a huge playground called ‘Ninja Park’. I repeatedly descended the stairs at church on Sundays in an effort to literally get out of breath. {We do not have a basement…. My family and I reside in our one-level home}!! You know, sort of like respiratory physical therapy? I did anything I could to rebuild the strength in my lungs!! But then, on Saturday, March 23rd, I caught a chest cold. Now? I have been suffering from asthma attacks again. Now? I have been trying to breathe. Now? I have been basically fighting to stay alive. Thank God for modern medication, because I do have an Albuterol inhaler!! It feels like I took one step up forward and two steps back. But, compared to the flu, the common cold is a walk in the park!! Meanwhile? I will ‘keep on keepin’ on like a bird that flew’, to quote Bob Dylan!! Peace out, Mary Lou

I have been missing my Grampa, who lost his long and arduous battle with various cancers, a lot lately. Is it because March 19th marked three years since he passed away? I do not know. Has the fact that some dear and close friends of ours who have recently been walking down the road of losing their Husband/Dad/Grandpa to cancer hit home emotionally for me? I do not know. Either way, I have been missing Grampa. I composed this poem several years ago, {long before he ever suffered from cancer}, and, to this day, I wish that I showed it to him. Sigh…. I was making up my own rules and experimenting back then as a poetess. This poem kind of sucks…. But the sentiment is absolutely sincere!! As a girl growing up, I used to say that Grampa’s lap was ‘comfortable’ whenever I sat on it…. Hence my inspiration for this poem….

“Grampa’s Lap”

Edited by Kara Kent!!

I sat on Grampa’s lap;
As his arms enwrapped;
Around me;
With love, and safety;
Now I’m grown up;
Decades have passed;
But memories last;
As I sat on Grampa’s lap;
His arms enwrapped;
Around me.