Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Beauty That I Felt

A month of firsts without Rose. That has been September for me. I love firsts, {especially when they are positive}, like Rose’s first Christmas, {December 25th, 2010}, or Rose’s first Gotcha Day, {September 21st, 2011}. But firsts without Rose, {or Shadow before her}, are heartbreaking. This has been a month of firsts without Rose. On September 15th, Rose had been dead, {and exploring The Rainbow Bridge}, for three LONG months. On September 16th, my brother participated in virtual rhythm and drum class, {oh, the coronavirus/2020}, a day when I would have spent baking Rose dog cookies during his class. On September 21st, it’ll be Baby Girl’s tenth Gotcha Day, {I imagine that anniversary will be emotionally hard for me}, also known as Rose’s first Gotcha Day at The Rainbow Bridge. My nieces, ‘Amethyst’, ‘Opal’, ‘Ruby’, and nephew, ‘Capricorn’ kept me preoccupied, {what blessed distractions}, on September 15th. I danced to Bruce Springsteen, {Born In The USA}, on September 16th, {during my brother’s virtual rhythm and drum class}. Please pray for me on September 21st…. Peace and Love, Mary Lou

Edited by Kara Kent!!

--Part Four--

On my necklace, ‘REMEMBER’ is engraved;

Through grief’s journeys, it’s helped me to be brave;

My Rose, I will remember June fifteenth;

It’s a special date, you know what I mean?

I will remember I did not expect;

The beauty that I felt to take effect;

I will remember being quite present;

As you died, and left on my heart paw prints;

I will remember scratching your throat;

As I felt that velvet-soft fur coat;

I will remember, Babe, how you ‘smiled’;

Did you know those legs will run through miles?

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