Thursday, November 26, 2020

Mama Loves

Twenty years. For the first time in two decades, I am celebrating Thanksgiving, {and the Christmas season}, sans sharing it with a living dog. For the first time since 2010, Rose will NOT be pacing, scratching on her Uncle Michael’s securely closed bedroom door, and barking loudly at me, {as my Mom cuts turkey in our kitchen}, while I simultaneously try to watch television in Michael’s bedroom, and I repeatedly tell Rose: ‘Nothin’ I can do about it. I know you want some turkey. You’ll get some. Don’t you always? Nothin’ I can do about it.’ The holiday season, {especially my first one}, without either Shadow or Rose is always very emotionally hard on me. But, I will try to count my blessings on this Thanksgiving Day, not my losses. Because truth be told? I shared twenty Thanksgiving holidays with two Beautifully Unique mixed breed dogs, {Shadow and Rose}, during what feels like two completely different lives. And even though I am missing Rose very bad right now? I have been blessed. I wrote all three of these poems before Shadow and Rose were euthanized. Happy Thanksgiving!! Peace and Love, Mary Lou

Edited by Kara Kent!!

{My ‘love poem’ to Shadow}

Mama loves your German Shepherd ears;

Which are loyal and very sincere;

Plus that beautiful ‘blond’ fur;

From the Golden Retriever;

Mama loves those German Shepherd eyes;

A deep brown which never criticize;

Plus that pink Golden Retriever nose;

You were born special and duly so!!


Edited by Kara Kent!!

{My original ‘love poem’ to Rose}

Mama loves your big, light brown, Beagle eyes;

They are expressive, so playful, and sly;

Mama loves that German Shepherd body;

Which neighbors could determine before me;

Mama loves those soft, floppy, Beagle ears;

You are special to me, is that not clear?


Edited by Kara Kent!!

{My new ‘love poem’ to Rose}

Mama loves your floppy Beagle ears;

They are velvet-soft, like plush reindeer;

Mama loves your German Shepherd body;

Although you are a guess, my mystery;

Mama loves your brown and round Beagle eyes;

Those eye shadow-like black rings, I don’t despise;

Mama loves your German Shepherd markings;

With their dual black and brown colorings;

Though the Beagle within you is strong, not weak;

You’re special, and Beautifully Unique!! 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Completely Empty, But Not Vacant At All

A red-colored Christmas box. It is full of decorations that I display in my little bedroom every single year. And this Christmas box also contains memories. A memory of Shadow, {she was my first dog, who died and travelled toward The Rainbow Bridge on June 15th, 2010}, a memory of Yoda, {he was my second cat who disappeared when I was fifteen years old}, and multiple memories of Rose. Inside this Christmas box is Rose’s red-colored holiday bandana that she got from PetsMart several years ago after a routine toenail clipping. This silk-like bandana has white-colored reindeer, green-colored hearts, and white-colored snowflakes printed on it. I have seven adorable pictures, {two of which she barked at me}, with this bandana around Rose’s neck!! But she only wore it once. I always use Rose’s bandana as a makeshift ‘doily’ in my bedroom. I have been doing that for several years. Inside this Christmas box is also a mug which says: ‘Santa’s spoiled dog’ on it. My Grandparents gave me that cup several years ago. If memory serves me right? When I received that mug, Rose was my living dog, not Shadow. I display it in my bedroom. I only drank out of that mug once. Last, but not least, inside this Christmas box, is Rose’s soft red and white-colored stocking. You know what? I have spent ten Christmas mornings pulling dog treats and toys out of that stocking for an excitable Rose. Now, it hangs on my bedroom wall, ‘completely empty, but not vacant at all’. I knew that opening this red-colored Christmas box as I decorated was going to feel emotional…. Peace and Love, Mary Lou

Edited by Kara Kent!!

Your soft red and white stocking hangs on my wall;

It’s completely empty, but not vacant at all;

Because your stocking is full of memories;

Like plush squeaky toys, and dog treats with bacon/cheese!!

Together, we had ten Christmas celebrations;

All of which, Baby, were special occasions;

In 2019, you’d been aging sans warning;

I knew this would be our last Christmas morning;

Yes, I predicted it, as though I’m a psychic;

‘Cause I felt your demise like an eccentric;

Rose, do you remember our last Christmas Day?

I bought nine dog treats, Babe, I got carried away!!

As resulted, Shadow’s stocking needed borrowed;

Because I knew that you might not see tomorrow;

Your soft red and white stocking hangs on my wall;

It’s completely empty, but not vacant at all….