Friday, January 1, 2021

God Winks And Signs

2020. As a writer, if I can come up with ONE WORD to describe that unprecedented year, it would be ‘inconceivable’. I remember looking at pictures Online of images that seemed like they were straight from some Hollywood disaster movie. For, like, twain weeks into the deadly Coronavirus global pandemic, I felt nothing but utter shock. I was unproductive as an artist, and I did not write ANYTHING. Question…. Can you, Blogging Friends, Readers, and Followers think of something POSITIVE that happened during 2020? For me? During a seemingly NEVER-ENDING year when I had to euthanize my Beautifully Unique Beagle/German Shepherd mix, Rose, on June 15th, {and then obviously walk through grief’s journey}, something POSITIVE that happened to me during 2020 was the birth of my baby niece, ‘Ruby’!! Now it is your turn. Please leave your something POSITIVE that happened during 2020 in the comments. After I got over my initial shock from COVID-19, {for the most part}, I wrote what would end up being SEVERAL poems about Rose!! One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to ‘publish’ Blog posts more frequently, while also allowing myself some grace for disappearing whenever I feel like it. Happy 2021!! Peace and Love, Mary Lou

Edited by Kara Kent!!

I frequently say: ‘2020 sucks’;

So you, Baby, sent downy-feathered ducks;

Was this a God Wink from Doggy Heaven….

How many signs have you sent, eleven?

I frequently say: ‘2020 sucks’;

So you sent a bat, and ‘she’ wished me luck;

Was this your God Wink from The Beyond….

With me, Babe, is it how we correspond?

I frequently say: ‘2020 sucks’;

So you sent a heron, and I’m awestruck;

Was this your sign from The Afterlife….

A Place, Rose, where there is no strife?

I frequently say: ‘2020 sucks’;

So you sent geese flying, honking amok;

Was this a God Wink from The Rainbow Bridge….

Which is just my, {this Mutt Mom’s}, privilege?

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