Thursday, October 15, 2020

My Love Is Boundless

 Its just a thing. That was what I mentally told myself, {over and over and over}, when I lost my ‘REMEMBER’ necklace. Its just a thing. So I lied to myself. After all, I just lost a necklace, not Rose. Honestly? I do not get nearly as attached to material things as I used to before Rose was euthanized. So why did losing my ‘REMEMBER’ necklace make me feel like crying? If it’s just a thing. So why did I find myself searching Online, {Amazon, particularly}, for a replacement of my ‘REMEMBER’ necklace, {which was unsuccessful}? If it’s just a thing. So why did I retrace my steps, {over and over and over}, looking for my lost ‘REMEMBER’ necklace until I successfully found the piece of jewelry? Because it is NOT just a thing, that’s why. I have had my ‘REMEMBER’ necklace since Shadow was euthanized on June 15th, 2010. Yes, yes…. I have had my ‘REMEMBER’ necklace for over ten years. I’ve worn it to bed, in the shower, {only once, because I forgot to take the necklace off}, I have worn it while sweating when I’m dancing. See? It is NOT just a thing. By the way? That ‘REMEMBER’ necklace was also a gift from my Aunt and my cousin after Shadow died. It is NOT just a thing. Peace and Love, Mary Lou

--Part Five--

On my necklace, ‘REMEMBER’ is engraved;

Through grief’s journeys, it’s helped me to be brave;

My Rose, I will remember June fifteenth;

It’s a special date, you know what I mean?

I will remember the ‘dog mom’ necklace;

I wore because my love is boundless;

I will remember that The Rainbow Bridge;

Won’t make you not mine…. What a privilege….

I will remember how death won’t stop me;

From being your Mom eternally!!

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