Thursday, December 27, 2018

“Law-Breakin’, Rule-Breakin’ Elf”

{This is a conversation that I had with my nine-year old second cousin—and her Mama, Teira—on Christmas Eve….}

“{Kids} aren’t supposed to touch The Elf on the Shelf, but {my five-year old niece, Opal} loves playing with {Sweet Tooth}, so he’s a rebel!!” I said.

“Yeah, I accidentally touched {Trixie}, so we’re a little worried that {our gender neutral Elf on the Shelf} won’t make it back to the North Pole tonight….” said Teira.

“If I remember correctly, the book did not say that grownups can’t touch Elves on the Shelf,” I stated, “It said that children can’t touch him {or them}!!” I said.

“See?” Teira said to her fretting little girl, “{Trixie is} fine!!”

“I read somewhere Online that if {children} touch The Elf on the Shelf, then cinnamon will {bring back} their magic!!” I told my second cousin, “I don’t know if that means lay the elf in cinnamon, or…. That’d be kinda messy!! But {I read that} cinnamon works!!”

So by now, you have ‘met’ Sweet Tooth, my chocolate addicted, and sugar-obsessed Elf on the Shelf!! {Read previous poem!!} When I mentioned that Sweet Tooth has an incredibly huge personality for a little guy…. Well…. I will let Volume Two of my poems about Sweet Tooth explain!! Peace out, Mary Lou
P.S. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, happy Hanukah {which ended on December 10th}, happy Winter Solstice {which occurred on December 21st}, happy Kwanzaa, and, of course, happy New Year!!
Note…. I had a plan. I was going to have this poem written—and posted—on Christmas Day. But I struggled with cosmic Writer’s Block!! Needless to say, Volume Two of my poems about Sweet Tooth was not lifting up off of the ground!! Then, on Christmas morning, I awoke at an ungodly hour with excitement within my heart, chocolate within my system, and the first verse within my soul!! I had a liftoff!! It took me three days—apparently, my Creative Powers work best in the mornings when I am composing poems—who knew?

“Law-Breakin’, Rule-Breakin’ Elf

Written by Mary Lou…. Edited by Kara Kent!!

There are important, and strict, laws;
Which were written by Santa Claus;
If I’m a North Pole citizen;
Then I can’t be touched by children;
Or I will lose all my magic;
And I can’t return to St. Nick;
But Opal loves playing with me;
She’s touched my hat, arms, and belly;
I am a law-breakin’, biker jacket-wearin’, motorcycle-ridin’ rebel!!
These are particular rules;
That I was taught in Elf School;
I can’t speak to anybody;
Not Opal, not little Bobby;
But these are children who seem nice;
I gave Opal some good advice;
‘Obey Mom and Dad on one take’;
Do not be ‘bad for badness sake’;
I am a rule-breakin’, biker jacket-wearin’, motorcycle-ridin’ rebel!!
Yes, there are significant laws;
Which were written by Santa Claus;
Christmas Eve, I can’t be here;
To ‘the Boss’, I reappear;
In Mary’s bedroom, I will stay;
And stay until New Year’s Day;
To the North Pole, I can’t go back;
I’ve been shunned from my Scout Elf pack;
I am a law-breakin’, rule-breakin’, biker jacket-wearin’, motorcycle-ridin’ rebel!!

Monday, December 24, 2018

“Sweet Tooth”

After seeing an Elf on the Shelf at a local antique shop last year {and wanting him, but talking myself out of it}, I caved, and I bought an Elf on the Shelf this Christmas!! His name is Sweet Tooth {although my youngest brother, Michael—who has Down syndrome—refers to him as Elvis, because that was what I originally planned to call him}!! Why did I name my Elf on the Shelf Sweet Tooth? Because, let's face it…. Nearly everybody possesses a cosmic sweet tooth during Christmastime!! Cookies!! Candy!! The chocolate molds in an advent calendar!! Also, I had just watched Elf before ‘adopting’ Sweet Tooth {well…. I have not registered my elf Online}, and Buddy possessed a cosmic sweet tooth!! ‘Is there sugar in syrup? I love sugar!’…. Sweet Tooth is, like, the most adorable ‘little person’ with his impish smile, his watchful cheery blue eyes, and his rosy cheeks!! He actually has an incredibly huge personality for a little guy!! Happy Christmas Eve!! Peace out, Mary Lou
PS. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, happy Hanukah, happy Winter Solstice, and happy Kwanzaa!!

“Sweet Tooth”

Written by Mary Lou…. Edited by Kara Kent!!

I tell Santa Claus who’s naughty or nice;
But I have one bad, yet important, vice;
I love sugar, that is so not an act;
I stole your almond bark, it’s a fact;
Don’t let my cheery blue eyes fool you;
I licked your candy cane, it is true;
Don’t let my impish smile fool you;
I love chocolate crinkle cookies, I do;
No, don’t let my rosy cheeks fool you;
Yes, I have an addiction through and through;
I love all Christmas cookies, that’s the truth;
For I’m an elf, and my name is Sweet Tooth!!
I am here to spread some Christmas Spirit;
I ate the advent calendar’s chocolates;
Ah, I love fudge, peppermint bark, toffee….
Rich steaming hot chocolate is my coffee;
Cookies, sugar, candy, what do I care;
Give me peanut clusters, I’ll be there;
Molasses cookies, molasses cookies;
Give me, give me, give me, give me, give me;
I know that ‘Christmas calories don’t count’;
So, I’ll stay slim, my pounds will not mount;
I love all Christmas candy, that’s the truth;
For I’m an elf, and my name is Sweet Tooth!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

“Nativity Poem”

Alright, now it is time for me to get a little bit personal. I have felt very lost as an artist this year. Not creatively…. Because, to quote Bob Dylan from his song, ‘Maggie’s Farm’, ‘I’ve got a head full of ideas that are drivin’ me insane’!! That is ‘my’ line {which describes me absolutely perfectly as an artist}, a song lyric that was written and recorded before my time!! I haven’t felt very lost because I do not know who I am as an artist…. Although I’ve been there, done that. Yes, I have travelled that potholed road before. I do indeed know who I am…. I’m a writer, an artist who ‘paints pictures’ with words!! That is my calling!! However. I have not quite been bold enough to exercise my ‘voice’ on this little Blog which doesn’t ever get any comments. Why? Because, all I have wanted to do throughout 2018 is create new fictional stories. For me…. Not for my Blogging Friends, Readers, and Followers. That is only one reason which explains why I have disappeared from ‘Minuscule is good!’ so frequently this year. But, 2019 is literally two weeks away, and I have some promises to keep with myself, God has plans for me…. Peace out, Mary Lou
P.S. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, happy Hanukah, happy Winter Solstice, and happy Kwanzaa!!

Note…. This poem was never titled. Is that because I could not come up with a name for it? Was I feeling artistic, so I intentionally didn’t title this poem? To this day, I haven’t a clue!! This is most likely my most posted poem, so longtime Blogging Friends, Readers, and Followers have already probably read it….

Written by Me!!

An angel came to Mary;
Said you’re having a Baby!
And she was shocked by his news;
But God’s found favor in you.
Joseph had lots of doubts;
Now their plans won’t work out;
Then an angel came in his sleep;
This wonderful wife you should keep!
Soon they had to move away;
Since the couple couldn’t stay;
They left their old town;
For Bethlehem renown.
Suddenly, a feeling;
Our Baby is coming;
But every room was full;
Except for this stable!
Some poor shepherds watched sheep nearby;
When an angel flew from the skies;
While scaring them badly;
He told of the Baby!
And a host came, announcing;
Glory to God, Newborn King!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


I have seen the pageview counts on ‘Mary’s Poem’. And, although I am grateful that people still read what I write as an artist {especially after being ‘The elusive Mary Lou’}, there were not any comments on that poem. Since I have seen the pageview counts, I know that there is {to quote Bruce Springsteen}, ‘anybody alive out there’, Blogging Friends, Readers, and Followers!! So, we are going to play a little one-question quiz!! Yes, it is Christmas-themed!! Question…. How many members of The Beatles does it take to write a Christmas song? Answer? Three out of four, apparently!! Who knew?! Can you name which members of The Beatles wrote ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ that was recorded by Paul McCartney and Wings? Yes, Google-searching its answer is absolutely allowed…. I had to!! Bonus points if you already know how many members of The Beatles wrote ‘Wonderful Christmastime’!! Leave your answers in my comments section!! One, two, three, four…. Go!! Peace out, Mary Lou

P.S. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, happy Hanukah, happy Winter Solstice, and happy Kwanzaa!!

Note…. ‘Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!’. ‘Jingle Bells’. ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’. Question…. What do those three Christmas songs all share in common? Answer…. Neither one of them are about Christmas at all!! Am I right? Where are Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus in those song lyrics? Nowhere!! Where are Santa Claus, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph in those song lyrics? Nowhere!! ‘Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!’, ‘Jingle Bells’, and ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ truly all three have to do with Winter, not Christmastime!! That being mentioned? This week, I have decided to post a poem about snow!! Because, after all…. Even the song, ‘Winter Wonderland’ has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas!! This poem was composed during a historical arctic blast {aptly named ‘Snowzilla}, that occurred ten years ago…. When ‘it {did not} show signs of stopping’, our cul-de-sac was literally snowed in for several weeks on end, and we actually had a somewhat rare ‘White Christmas’!! Enjoy!!


Written by Me…. Edited by Kara Kent!!

Snowflakes begin as insignificant specks;
From clouds they flurry, to the grounds collect;
What an incredible concept, they’re individually made;
By our Creator’s Hands whose Eye for detail never fades;
Snowflakes fall through skies so great;
Wrapping nature in white once the accumulate.     

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

“Mary’s Poem”

Confession number one…. I have been shamelessly listening to Christmas music since before Halloween!! Why? Because Elvis Presley made me do it and I never argue with The King!! I was also battling a head cold during that time…. And Elvis soothes my soul!! Confession number two…. I have been shamelessly hip swaying/dancing/cutting loose to Bob Dylan’s album, Christmas In The Heart, every single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since November 2nd!! I sing those songs with him…. Our voices are one…. I call it ‘Bob Dylan Christmas karaoke’!! Confession number three…. I shamelessly filled my little bedroom from top to bottom with Christmas decorations the week before Thanksgiving!! Do not judge…. Because, what Elvis once sang is so true…. ‘Oh why can’t everyday be like Christmas; Why can’t that feeling go on endlessly; For if everyday could be just like Christmas; What a wonderful world this would be….’ Peace out, Mary Lou
P.S. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, happy Hanukah, happy Winter Solstice, and happy Kwanzaa!!

Note…. During a conversation that I had with my fifteen year old cousin on Thanksgiving, I told him how I’ve frequently disappeared from ‘Minuscule is good!’ throughout 2018. ‘Just call me Houdini!!’ I exclaimed. ‘{I am} the elusive Mary Lou!!’ I announced. To which he laughed. ‘Yeah, I’ve gotten really good at the whole disappearing thing, I admitted. Then, my genius cousin made a brilliant suggestion…. What if I post multiple fictional stories on ‘Minuscule is good!’ to make up for lost time? Huh. That is not a bad idea…. Well, it’s the Christmas season, {which is my most very favorite time of year}, so I thought I’d post a weekly Christmas poem {which I composed}, all month until December 25th, 2018!! These poems kind of suck {in my opinion}, but I wrote them from the depths of my heart and soul…. This is going to be fun!!

“Mary’s Poem”

Written by Me…. Edited by Kara Kent!!

Lord, I lift up my Baby Boy;
He’s going to carry burdens of society’s employs;
What’s expected, an angel did tell;
He’ll be referred to as the Son of God, I know full well;
Prepare Him mentally for such a great Calling;
Equip this Child with all things needed in saving man from falling;
May He own courage, integrity, boldness;
Above mortal kings and leaders, His Throne will exceed the Highest;
Although I can’t comprehend, or predict the Future of my Boy;
Serving as our Lord’s mother, I’ll find incredible joy;
Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that You have favor in me;
You’re my Sovereign Savior, You are Holy;
Our sacred event was long ago a part of Your Plans;
I dedicate this Sleeping Infant to You; He’s in Your Hands.