Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Running Free

An escape artist. Those three words would describe Rose. Because she was, like, seventy-five percent Beagle, {based on my guess}, she was, like, twenty-five percent German Shepherd, {again, based on my guess}, and definitely one-hundred percent hound dog, yes, Rose could be an escape artist!! Our backyard has secure fences all around it…. If the front door was wide open, Rose would be safe in a room…. During extended family gatherings at our house such as Thanksgiving, {or Easter}, Rose’s collar would even be connected to Shadow’s ‘hand-me-down’ red leash, and my wrist. I continuously watched her like a hawk!! As resulted? Rose only had a few escape attempts, {I can literally count them on one hand}, all of which were unsuccessful disappearances!! This morning, I was visiting Rose’s, {and Shadow’s}, paw print stepping stones. I wondered: What if my first dog, Shadow, was always protecting Rose from escaping, {and running away}, from our house, from our backyard, from our family? What if Shadow was always watching over Rose? Peace and Love, Mary Lou

Edited by Kara Kent!!

--Part Three--

I softly said: ‘These legs are running free now….’
As I touched your right hind limb, this was my vow;
At that moment, I painted a lovely picture;
As I sat, and stroked your dead body’s soft fur;
Rose…. I softly said: ‘You’re finally running free….’
Those legs are moving with great velocity!!
Those long legs and those paws that I very much loved;
They are as free as a bird in the skies above!!
I softly said: ‘These legs are running free now….’

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

This Heart Broke, This Soul Bled

‘You cry on the inside.’ That is exactly what my Grandma, {who is in Heaven}, once told me. I think this was one of the best things that Grandma, {my Dad’s Mom}, ever said to me. She was absolutely right. I do cry on the inside. See…. I am not a physical crier. I have known this throughout most of my Life. And yet, I am an emotional being. I’m introspective. I feel way too much. I can grieve hard. My heart breaks, and my soul bleeds, but an onlooker will never know it, because, {like Grandma said}, I cry on the inside. Peace and Love, Mary Lou

Edited by Kara Kent!!

--Part Two--

I softly said: ‘It comforts you….’ And, I, I did not cry;
As I massaged your throat while you were euthanized;
Rose…. I’d been grieving your death for one long year;
I have already cried, I have already shed tears;
I softly said: ‘It comforts you….’ I did not want to cry;
So, my emotions, feelings, and thoughts were in disguise;
‘Cause you absolutely hated it whenever I wept;
So, I suppose to myself every emotion I kept?
Although this heart broke, this soul bled, on that day when you died;
I softly said: ‘It comforts you….’ And I wish I had cried….

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Princess Rose Elizabeth

‘Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts’. Every morning, {when I awake}, and every night, {before I go to bed}, I trace my hand on Rose’s clay paw print that our veterinary clinic created after Baby Girl was euthanized. And every morning, {very early}, I step outside, where I trace my hand on Rose’s, {and Shadow’s}, cement paw print stepping stone in our backyard that Mom and I created at home several years ago. How is it even possible that I now have TWO Beautifully Unique mutts running free side-by-side at The Rainbow Bridge? ‘Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts’. And, {apparently, because I have several pictures of them}, I absolutely loved Rose’s paws. This morning, as I was visiting Rose’s, {and Shadow’s}, cement paw print stepping stones, I could hear birds singing. And I wondered: Do people’s pet birds who have flown toward The Rainbow Bridge sing lovely melodious songs there every single morning? This is the second poem that I composed after Rose died. It’s Part One of Four, plus, {because I can}, there is also a Bonus poem. Peace and Love, Mary Lou

One month. That is how long it has been since Rose was euthanized. Thirty days. Time has passed by that simultaneously feels like it happened twenty-four hours ago, and yet, also several years ago. I miss Rose. I would give anything just to stroke her velvet-soft fur one more time…. 
2020. I officially declare this a year of Life and Death for my little, {yet ever-growing}, family. My sister-in-law’s Mom lost her short battle with cancer in March. Rose was euthanized on June 15th. Death…. And, very recently, I was blessed with another baby niece whose alias is ‘Ruby’!! Life…. Now, I have nieces ‘Amethyst’, ‘Opal’, nephew ‘Capricorn’, and, of course, ‘Ruby’!!

Edited by Kara Kent!!

--Part One--

I softly said: ‘Princess Rose Elizabeth….’
While you inhaled your final breath;
Those were my last spoken words, obviously;
Then, you looked so serene and ‘slept’ peacefully;
After I said: ‘Princess Rose Elizabeth….’
Doctor spoke: ‘She’s gone’, to announce your death;
And then, I softly said: ‘I love my hound dog….’
Rose…. My heart is broken, my head in a fog;
I softly said: ‘Princess Rose Elizabeth….’

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Watch Over My Best Friend While We Are Apart

Do you suppose that Rose, {who always possessed a very curious black nose}, has by now happily explored every single rainbow, every single bridge, {see what I just did here…. Rainbow Bridge?}, every single woodland area, every single mountain, every single valley, every single waterfall, every single lake, every single river, every single stream, every single creek, every single field, every single park, every single beach, and every single ocean at The Rainbow Bridge as my first dog, Shadow, has watched Rose closely, {and run freely beside her}, to make sure that Rose does not escape from The Rainbow Bridge? I think so…. For some reason, the thought of Rose now spending literally every single second with Shadow brings my grieving broken heart comfort. I cannot explain why. This was the first of many poems that I composed after Rose died. Yes, yes…. I’ve become a prolific poet as I Shelter In Place. Apparently, I grieve through writing. Not surprising, but who knew? Peace and Love, Mary Lou

Edited by Kara Kent!!

‘Watch over my best friend while we are apart’;
That’s Shadow’s huge mission now that you live in my heart;
She will be your new Mama, your companion;
See that you don’t escape The Rainbow Bridge, and stay in;
Shadow will provide your ‘human’ food, your treats;
Ah, you always loved cheddar cheese, so bon app├ętit;
Shadow will now serve as your new caregiver;
And be a canine guardian angel forever;
Rose, you will feel so loved you’ll never miss me;
Your now-healed hind legs are both running free!!
‘Watch over my best friend while we are apart’;
That’s Shadow’s big mission now that you live in my heart.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Degenerative Myelopathy

How do you return from yet another LONG disappearance without your Beautifully Unique Beagle/German Shepherd mix sleeping soundly on the bed? {Well…. She would have been sleeping soundly before a BOOMING, heart-stopping, loud firework just randomly exploded}. On Monday, June 15th, 2020, {yes, yes, nearly three LONG weeks ago}, Rose Elizabeth, {also known as Rosey/Rosalita}, was euthanized. This poem expresses where I have been all this time…. Becoming Rose’s Caregiver/Physical Therapist/Nurse/Doctor, and then eventually watching her swiftly slip away from me during the global coronavirus pandemic’s timeline. 2020 sucks. This poem was the last one that I composed before Rose died. Peace and love, Mary Lou

Edited by Kara Kent!!

‘Today, I consider myself the luckiest Mutt Mom on the face of this Earth.’ -- Me, {also known as Rose’s Mama}

Degenerative myelopathy;
Oh, Rose, this has caused disabilities;
First, it was the left hind leg, then the right;
But, you’re resilient, and you fight;
Degenerative myelopathy;
It’s basically ALS in doggies;
Your hind legs give way and you collapse;
Are they getting paralyzed, perhaps?
Degenerative myelopathy;
Also known as ‘German Shepherd disease’;
For one year, I’ve watched you grow old;
And witnessed this disease swiftly unfold;
Degenerative myelopathy;
It does not care about pedigrees;
For three months, I’ve watched you slip away;
As your ‘time’ draws closer every day;
Degenerative myelopathy;
But, at The Rainbow Bridge, you will be free….